Platform at WMATA Capitol South station

More delays for WMATA cell phone expansion

More delays may be in store for wireless service in Metrorail stations. The Washington Examiner reports that the contractor installing cell phone service in the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (DC) underground stations and tunnels has filed for bankruptcy and wants to stop work on the project.

Powerwave Technologies Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and asked a court for permission to stop installing wireless coverage throughout the Metro system. The company is waiting for a court hearing, but four workers told The Washington Examiner that they were already laid off.

Powerwave claims that it has been unable to collect millions of dollars in cost overruns from the wireless companies funding the project. The wireless carriers blame Metro for the delays.

WMATA previously said the system might not be wired until 2015, three years past the original 2012 deadline. The bankruptcy proceedings could delay the project further, although none of the parties involved would comment on any impacts to the schedule. Link to full story in The Washington Examiner.

WMATA Photograph by Larry Levine

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