Session proposals for Transportation Camp 2013

TransportationCamp returns to DC

On Saturday I had the opportunity to attend TransportationCamp for the second time. Organized by OpenPlans, the “unconference” brought together a few hundred people to explore the intersection of transportation and technology.

Like last year, the first item on the agenda was for the participants to stand up, introduce themselves, and describe their interests/visions/goals in three words.  For example:

  • Social media rocks
  • Analog into digital
  • Transportation data visualization
  • Silver Line, please
  • Transit fights poverty

Next, we were invited to develop proposals for hour-long sessions by writing them on large sticky notes that staffers organized into a large grid. Topics included social media, open data, transit advocacy, bicycle-sharing, mobile applications, crowdsourcing, and more. Some proposed sessions:

  • Transit data standards integration
  • Bikeshare and carshare: Exploring integrated mobility in Buffalo (NY)
  • What the GTFS!
  • Using social media to involve the uninvolved in NEPA decision making
  • Lessons in facilitating public participation through design of a multimodal transit app
  • Big data visualization demos

Sometimes it was hard to pick just one.

To better convey the spirit of TransportationCamp I used Storify to organize some of the many tweets from participants over the course of the day. Link to Storify.

Photo credit: Susan Mara Bregman

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