Car crash disrupts TriMet real-time tracker

TriMet (OR) riders were quick to react after an automobile crash took out the agency’s real-time TransitTracker for a few weeks. According to officials, a single-automobile crash at a transit center destroyed the communications equipment that sends train-tracking information for the MAX light-rail system to TransitTracker. Until further notice, the application will only display scheduled arrival times for MAX trains.

TriMet issued a statement after the crash to tell riders that the fix will take several weeks:

Repair crews had hoped to replace the communication equipment in a few days, but they found the existing version of the equipment is no longer available and a brand new version must be installed. Because of this, it will likely take two to three weeks to put the new equipment in and integrate the software into the TransitTracker system. TriMet appreciates MAX riders’ patience until the issue is resolved.

But not all riders were willing to be patient, and some used Twitter to express their frustration. The Oregonian quotes some representative comments, including this one from Matt Seeman: “@TriMet So basically your systems are so fragile that one accident takes them out for 3 weeks? Classic.

The crash did not involve any TriMet vehicles, and real-time information for buses was not affected. Link to full story in The Oregonian.

Update: TriMet issued a statement on October 12 saying that real-time information has been restored for “most trains throughout the system the majority of the time.”

Photo credit: TriMet/Flickr

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