SF Muni to install high-tech security cameras

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (CA) plans to install security cameras that use behavior recognition software to identify threats to the system. Fast Company reports that SFMTA signed a contract with security firm BRS Labs to deploy cameras in 12 Muni subway stations.

Using algorithms and machine learning techniques, the cameras initially observe locations for a few weeks to establish a baseline of normal behavior. After the baseline has been defined, anomalous activities — such as abandoned packages, loitering passengers, or unusual passenger volumes — trigger an alert. The system automatically sends clips of these triggering events to workers and also dispatches text message alerts. The system is said to reduce staffing requirements in two ways. Besides the automated surveillance, the system incorporates a software-based process that limits the need for camera maintenance. Link to full story in Fast Company.

Photo credit: Lynn Friedman/Flickr

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