Muni is slow to install new surveillance cameras

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (CA) received $37 million in federal funds to purchase surveillance cameras, but most of the equipment has not been installed and the agency has yet to spend all of the funds.¬†Here’s what the San Francisco Chronicle reports:

  • Muni has spent about $9 million on 557 digital video recorders and related equipment.
  • The agency planned to replace 257 cameras at bus yards and garages as older equipment wore out. To date, 43 new cameras have been installed because the old ones are still working.
  • About 300 cameras were supposed to be installed at train stations but the $5 million allocated for installing them was diverted to a track repair project with federal approval.

“The funds were diverted to high-priority areas,” said Muni spokesman Paul Rose. “We did have to make the call to do it.”

Over the next two years, Muni plans to install 10,000 cameras on trains and buses at a cost of $10 million above the $28.5 million still remaining from the federal funds that Muni has already received. Link to full story in San Francisco Chronicle.

Photo credit: Lynn Friedman/Flickr

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