How LA Metro uses Twitter

In place of Twitter Tuesday tweets today, here’s a post from The Source that describes how the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CA) uses Twitter. LA Metro has posted more than 2,100 service alerts via @metroLAalerts since 2010, covering delays and cancellations, special events, and earthquake-related announcements. Two staffers are responsible for Metro’s Twitter updates, collecting information from the bus and rail operations control centers. Kim Upton describes the process for translating those alerts into useful customer information:

All that data is relevant to the people who run the system but much of it is not meaningful to the general public. That’s where the person writing the service alerts Tweet comes in. He or she reads the alert data, determines the importance to commuters and then translates what is sometimes complicated information into short posts. The messages are customer focused: How long will the delay be? Where should the customer wait for the next bus or train? Will this affect tomorrow’s commute? What are the alternatives? The goal is to minimize inconvenience to the customers.

Metro’s Twitter alerts generally cover activity from 4 AM to 1 AM, but hours can be extended when necessary. Link to full story in The Source.

Image source: Screenshot from @metroLAalerts

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