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Your fantasy subway announcements now playing

Deciding that New York City’s subway announcements were a bit limited, last week The New York Times asked readers what they would like to hear while waiting for the train.¬†Out of nearly 200 suggestions, writers David W. Dunlap and Michael Kolomatsky selected eleven and asked Bernie Wagenblast to record them. Wagenblast, the platform voice of New York City Transit’s numbered subway lines (except No. 7), has what The Times calls a “chipper, crisp, slightly plummy tenor.” Although some commuters just wanted peace and quiet during their commuting time, others suggestions ranged from “gritty to romantic.” Harry Potter’s Track 9-3/4 was especially popular. The announcements may not be destined for a subway platform near you, but you can listen to them here.

Photo credit: Rusty Sheriff/Flickr

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