Internet grocer targets SEPTA commuters

Internet grocery chain Peapod is using transit advertising to spread the word about its new mobile application. Peapod has teamed with advertising agency Titan to turn the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s train platforms into virtual grocery aisles. Ads posted on the platforms will display grocery items along with a quick-response code. Once commuters have downloaded the Peapod app, they can scan the QR code and Peapod will deliver their items. “It’s taking the grocery store and literally putting it on the train platform,” said Jeff Randazzo, executive vice president and Titan general manager in a statement. “Combining our media formats with a compelling call to action like Peapod’s grocery app is a great use of our medium. Who wouldn’t want to put commuting time to good use by grocery shopping?” Peapod’s first-in-the-U.S. project follows a  similar application introduced in South Korea last year. Writing about both projects in The Sydney Morning Herald, Michael Baker concludes that busy commuters and virtual grocery stores could be “a match made in heaven.”

Photo credit: PRNewsFoto/Titan

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