MTA topped local NYC Google searches in 2011

Right up there with natural disasters and a combo bowling-concert venue, five transportation queries made Google’s list of top-10 searches in the New York City area for 2011. What were New Yorkers looking for? Counting down, the top 10 searches were: (10) Brooklyn Bowl, (9) Brooklyn Public Library, (8) E-ZPass, (7) NYCDOE, (6) Hurricane Irene Path, (5) Con Edison, (4) DMV NY, (3) Hopstop, (2) NJ Transit, and — drumroll, please! — (1) MTA. National searches were a bit less prosaic and focused on the famous (singers Rebecca Black and Adele), the infamous (Casey Anthony), and the wired (Steve Jobs, Google+, and iPad2). Link to full story in The Huffington Post.


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